For over the past 37 years New West Metals Inc. has established a culture based on solid work habits, strong family values, essential team work and commitment to excellence.

New West Metals Inc. is extremely proud to be involved in supporting the various sports teams within our community; from local amateur sports teams as well as the professional teams such as the Winnipeg Jets and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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Every Friday is "Casual Friday" where NWM employees wear their favorite sport jerseys showcasing their pride for their favorite team. Not only are we proud of our various sports teams we also take pride in working here at New West Metals Inc.

Our culture is also fostered in our support for the various community and university club sports as well as the many charities we support. This pride in supporting these various entities is the same in which New West Metals Inc. supports our many customers ensuring they experience our best customer service.

We here at New West Metals Inc. believe our family culture transcends down to our customers and sets us apart from our competitors.